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Logo Designing is the starting point of any business. It is the most difficult and challenging part of design process. A logo gives identity to your business and is used to reflect your business in different mediums. Logo gives instant recognition of your business and it also helps you build your brand.

Operating mainly from Bangalore, we at Eezyy World, Logo Designing Company Bangalore follow a process which helps us to deliver – Our Best. We are a Logo Designing Company Bangalore designing unique, high quality logos at a much affordable cost. We design using photoshop, illustration, etc according to the requirement of the client and we provide jpg, png and pdf format logos.

Understanding your Business: No two businesses are same. Each business has it’s own uniqueness which is differentiated by the way the brand is projected. We first understand from you, your USP, your target customer, your competitor and your geographical market.

You know your Business, than Us: We know what we know and we want to know better about your business. We would love to hear from you on what you want to pitch and how you want to pitch. We would also love to know your ideas of your Logo, any reference, any specific colours and fonts etc. After all, its your business and you are the decision maker. We, Logo Designing Company Bangalore can suggest what goes well with what, but we know the final call would be yours.


Research, before we Sketch: Logo Design involves a lot of research; research about your business, your selling point, competitor and target audience. We find out what suits you well and how you need to be Branded.

Think Tank Team: Once the approach to your Logo design has been planned, we share with our creative team which comprises people from different backgrounds. This approach gives you a dynamic team which contributes a lot of ideas on how your Logo can be designed, colours your Logo can have, fonts for your Logo and the type of Logo to be created.

Start Sketching; Sharing: We would start designing Logo and share our concepts with you, through emails. Discussions can be from the concepts delivered or more concepts can be tried, till you are satisfied. We don’t limit ourselves with the number of concepts and iterations.

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